Getting there

By bus

Travel like a local and visit us by bus. Be prepared to bring your patience, ask for directions, and arrive early at the bus station to ensure you get a seat!

Below are the bus routes we recommend from Esteli and Leon, the two nearest cities.

From Esteli

Famous for it’s beautiful natural surroundings and tobacco farms, Esteli is the closest city to El Lagartillo and also has a direct bus route. The bus we recommend leaves once a day in the morning, so it’s best to plan on staying in Esteli the night before.


“Bus Rodriguez” – Leaves daily from bus station Cotran Sur at 7am arrives in El Lagartillo at 9:30am. Price = C$60 ~ $2

bus at the local bus stop

From Leon

Leon is further from El Lagartillo and the route requires a bus transfer. However, this colonial city located 25 min from the ocean offers a range of sights and activities, so staying there for a few days in advance of your trip to El Lagartillo is a great option to consider.


Bus 1: Leon -> El Sauce

“Interlocal” Shuttle Bus – Express shuttle buses leave from the main bus terminal in Leon throughout the morning when they fill up with passangers. We recommend getting to the bus station at 8am so you can take one of the first interlocales to El Sauce. This portion of the trip takes about an hour and a half.

Price = X Cordoba, $Y

Bus 2: El Sauce -> El Lagartillo

“Bus Rodriguez” leaves El Sauve at 12pm and arrives in El Lagartillo at 1:30pm. Price = C$60 ~ $2

bus at the terminal

Private Transport

We are happy to arrange private transport for students who are interested!

Price and type of transport vehicle are variable depending on number of passangers. Below are example prices for one traveler from key destinations:

Managua One Way – $150

Leon One Way – $80

Esteli One Way – $60

We request ONE WEEK’S NOTICE for private transport arrangements.

Getting on the pick up truck

Need assistance planning your trip? We’re happy to share additional bus routes to consider or arrange private transport.