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Hijos del Maíz Vision:

The Campesino Spanish School Hijos del Maiz is an alternative creation supporting dreams in the community. It is a permanent state of learning, exchanging with other communities and cultures in a dynamic transformation towards social justice.


A school with a difference

  The campesino Spanish school Hijos del Maiz is located in El Lagartillo, a rural community in the northeast of Nicaragua. Hijos del Maiz is a project by the community for the community with over twelve years of experience in language instruction. We are a group of young people struggling for change and our spanish teachers are both agriculturalists and university graduates from the community.

Students will receive 4 hours of one-to-one classes each day with trained teachers. The student may decide each day where to hold the class, in a classroom or in a field under a tree.

In Hijos del Maiz the student learns Spanish and also learns about our lives as campesinos by sharing with us. The student is also invited to share his/her own knowledge whether it is practical, artistic, intellectual or spiritual. There are opportunities for students to work as volunteers on community projects in El Lagartillo or in neighbouring communities.



«El Gato» drawn by Maria Zunilda Peréz, killed by the contras in 1984.