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A Day in El Lagartillo

  The day begins very early for the farmers in El Lagartillo. We are woken by a dawn chorus of roosters crowing (rooster sound) and other birdsong. Women and men get ready for their days’ work tending the crops and the cattle.

The children go to their school which is in the centre of the community and in the afternoon they play in the street and in the backyards. Since there are no cars, they own the street for their games.

Children playing

As of 2009, the community’s houses are lit by solar panels. At night families often gather to talk and tell stories and jokes. On occasion, a group of young musicians, Los Rústicos del Norte, get together to play traditional acoustic music. There is also a theatre group which you might have the good fortune to see perform!

In the city we do not notice the moon. Here the full moon is so big that no-one wants to go to bed. On dark nights the sky is full of stars.

Village road


«El Lagartillo in 1987
before reforestation»