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  This community has a long and heavy history.
We came here in 1983-84 motivated by a desire to cultivate the land given to us by the revolutionary process. But our efforts towards obtaining better living conditions as peasant-farmers were brought to a halt by the US war of aggression against Nicaragua. On the 31st December 1984 the contra attacked our cooperative leaving us with 6 irreplaceable losses.

From 1990 on we are no longer a cooperative as such, but we are still organised, taking concrete steps to find a way out of the crisis imposed on us by the neoliberal system.

Amongst the young people many of us have had the opportunity to graduate from secondary school and improve our knowledge. Now there are few opportunities to continue along this path. This is why we are now creating an alternative community project. And this is how Hijos del Maiz (Children of Maize) is born.

Monument to heroes and martyrs

Statue of Sandino

Monument to heroes and martyrs


«Don Eloy and
Doña Balta»