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Getting there

  From Estelí there are two buses a day for Achuapa. One leaves at 7:00 from Cotran Sur bus terminal. At 13:00 another bus leaves from the Cotran Norte terminal (this bus does not travel on Sundays). Ask for ‘empalme del Lagartillo’, a T intersection on the right. The village is about a twenty minutes walk from the crossroads. The trip costs 40 Córdobas ($1.50) and takes 2-3 hours depending on the state of the roads.

From León take a bus or an interlocal van in the morning for El Sauce (1 hour) and from there take the 12:00 Estelí bus that goes via Achuapa. The bus leaves Achuapa at 13.00 and gets to empalme del Lagartillo at 13:30.


Bus de Estelí


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